Faster. Lower Cost. Endless Possibilities.


Are you thinking of building a new home in the future, maybe a garage condo or a cabin remote in the forest? Post Frame Construction is a growing trend in the US. Post Frame has the advantage of low cost, Faster, and endless possibilities while keeping the cost far below traditional construction. It’s no wonder more are choosing a barndominium for their new home build.

If you are in the market to build, let us see if a Post Frame building is right for you. Call us today to help design your new custom-built, Post Frame home construction Project.

Home / Residence


Thinking about building a new home. Barndominiums can give you clear open spaces, high cathedral ceilings, and great energy efficiency. All this while keeping the cost lower than traditional construction.

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Multi-Family Investment


Post Frame construction is perfectly suited for a Multi-Tenant building. Lower costs and faster construction mean more money in your pocket.

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Hobby Condo


If your passion and appreciation are what is in your building, this is for you. You have to live somewhere, why not above what you love. Legs or motors, you do not have to separate again.

Inspiration Gallery


Let the photos here be an inspiration for you and give you ideas for your own buildings. If there is something in any of the photos that you would like to incorporate, let us know. It helps us bring your design to life. We also have additional images of these buildings that we can share as well.