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Custom Garage

Quality Garages, Unmatched Service


Every Black Label building is designed and built to last a lifetime. This happens only when you choose to use the highest standards, the best materials, and a skilled crew. We refuse to compromise because we know you worked hard for what you have and deserve a building to be proud of.

Stronger than a traditional, stick-built garage, our buildings are guaranteed to last a lifetime and look great while doing it. Your garage is often an extension of your home so we design to be able to accept any exterior option you could imagine. Steel, brick, stone, vinyl, and even cedar can be incorporated. We also use only the highest quality components in the industry, including steel, paint, screws, and wood. Additionally, all foundation types can be incorporated, including an extension of your existing home.

Whether you need help with design, zoning, or permitting, you can be sure Black Label Builders are here to help you every step of the way. It’s the Black Label difference.

Hobby Shop

Craftsmanship on Display


Whatever your craft may be, one thing is true to every craftsman, pride in the results of hard work. We, too, are craftsmen with a constant drive to perfect our craft. Just good enough does not cut it. When we hand you the keys, you can be certain every detail is correct the first time, the Black Label way.

When you start the process with us, we talk through what your plans are for your new building. Working together, we draft some layouts incorporating your equipment or processes. This helps us determine the best size and design to make your work more efficient. We strive to give you an end product that not only sets you up for the present but also makes it easy for future growth.

Our buildings are some of the most efficient and adaptable on the market. Made with only the best materials, we can get our hands on so you can focus on growing your business or hobby for yours to come. If you are planning to use your shop year-round, we can design an extremely efficient building and even incorporate radiant heat.

We are here to help.

Boat, RV & ATV Storage Building

Durable. Worry-Free. More FUN.


It is about time to kick back and enjoy the hard work you put in. When it comes to your toys, they tend to treat you better when you give them a place to stay. It may be time to get them a little love with a Black Label Building.

Boats, RVs, and ATVs can take up a good amount of space which makes a post-frame building ideal. Everyone can provide you high wide doors, but with Black Label, we design these spaces for use. See we, like to play as well and understand you may have to winterize your boat or put your toys away wet from time to time. If not properly designed to handle the added humidity, the building can fail prematurely.

With Black Label Builders, we feel it is our responsibility to understand your application so we can help design a building that is going to work for years to come. Our customers are happy for years after and if not we correct it.

Something else to consider is a family or leisure room in these buildings. While the original intent is to store toys, many times, they are converted to host dinners and parties.

Give us a call, and we would be happy to go through the options with you.

Tractor and Tool Barns

Strong as an OX, no food required.


Some call it work; some call it play, either way, the job is always easier when the tools work the way they were intended. A building by Black Label Builders is going to be as strong as your equipment and will likely last longer than your new tractor. We understand that a building is a large investment but one that saves you time and money in the long run.

Our buildings will be around for a very long time. That makes it very important to design it right the first time, so it works for you forever.

Let us help you design your equipment garage.

Inspiration Gallery


Let the photos here be an inspiration for you and give you ideas for your own buildings. If there is something in any of the photos that you would like to incorporate, let us know. It helps us bring your design to life. We also have additional images of these buildings that we can share as well.